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Traveler Reviews of Waters Edge RV Resort

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The name implies the campground is located next to the waters edge. Our campsite had no such water around it expect when it rained, then we was in the water! Not a good campground as the site we had and other sites around us flooded when it rained and afterwards you could smell raw sewage. We had planned on staying a month, but left after only 3 days there.

Great place!

We stayed here from December to the middle of April 2009-'10. It was a great place to stay. it was very well run and everybody there was very friendly. The activities were also well run. The facilities were well kept. We will be returning again this year to the same site. I would recommend this campground to anybody.

Nice park, terrible manager

We stayed there 4 years ago and liked the park and most of the people. The manager is the problem at this park. This park is owned by a corporation and it really makes me wonder why they keep this manager. She is the reason why we won't go back. I know some other people that feel the same way. The park has rules like any park but she adds her own rules and most of them just p--- the residents off. Send her packing and it could be a nice park again.

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Waters Edge RV Resort

Address of Waters Edge RV Resort
39146 Otis Allen Road,
Zephyrhills, Florida
USA, 33540
Phone of Waters Edge RV Resort
(813) 783-2708

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