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Photo of the Seven Seas
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Photo of the Seven Seas

Description of Seven Seas: Seven Seas Resort Condo, located on the beach, offers an outdoor pool, gas grills, and a game room. Offshore, you can enjoy every type of water sport from sailing to snorkeling. Deep-sea fishing charters are also available at local marinas. Golf and tennis facilities are found throughout the area, and shopping and souvenir shops are practically at your door. Daytona's location allows you to visit famous Florida attractions, such as Walt Disney World(R), Universal Studios, and the Kennedy Space Center.

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Traveler Reviews of Seven Seas

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Clean? NOT, mold in the tub. You get yelled at if you open the windows, because you might break them, not all of us are incompetent idiots and can close a window without ripping the bottom off. This too is a result of poor maintenance, if you lubricate the sash and operate the unit then it will go up and down. Not everyone wants to sit inside with the ac blowing mold spores throughout. Not every unit has a balcony nor a slider, maybe those you can open but DO NOT TOUCH THE WINDOWS. My entire family does not recommend this facility. The other posts must be owners trying to increase their trading power or rent their units!!!!!!!!!!


I ABSOLUTELY had a fabulous stay.. I enjoyed sitting out on the balcony people watching and looking at the waves come in.. The place was conveniently located and was clean and fresh..I could even use their laundry facilities at the end of my stay. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!!

Longtime owner shares feedback

This is a quiet, relaxing condo community with a caring and responsive staff and management team. Our family has owned a fixed week prime timeshare unit here for many years (about 25 yrs) and several years ago, purchased a 2nd fixed wk (late summer) unit here for kids to share. The main downside is the property units mostly are situated back from the ocean and you walk through the parking lot courtyard to reach the pool area (beachfront) and ocean access. Still most units are ocean view at least to some degree (either balcony or entrance views). We have noticed the management company seems to be replacing and upgrading the units at least one project a year now - to help reinvest in the property and keep it comfortable and units attractive. They recently did a major upgrade to the bed mattresses and unit furniture and flooring in the past few years so that was a welcome improvement. Note: The pool area is not large compared to some other resorts, but 'traditional' size, sufficient for most weeks of the year, and the BBQ equip right at the pool deck/beach front is a nice touch. We enjoy our time here every year and look forward to going back every summer.

Love going every year!!

My grandma has a time share here. I've been going since I was 6 weeks old. I have went every year except like 3 times. I'm 21 now and cant wait to take my little boy there to share the experience!!

Nasty staff

I spent a cpl of july 4th there and the staff is nasty, they walk around like they own the place. One staff member was yelling at a condo owner. They acy like condo nazis. The manager is the property owners sister and does as she wants and treat everyone like they are luckey she aloows them to be there. The office staff is really rude and have a nasty attitude.

Southern Hospitality

Seven Seas Resort has excellent amenities. The pool and condo suites are very well maintained. The staff members are both courteous and efficient in a southern hospitality manner that makes a vacation at Seven Seas very relaxing enjoyable. I have been making regular vacation trips to Seven Seas since the early 80's and have seen the units completely refurbished. I feel like I have a second home awaiting me at Seven Seas whenever I travel to Daytona Beach Shores. My theory is "when you find a good thing .....there's no need to change. When it comes to a vacation location Seven Seas Resort is a "good thing".

Very unfriendly & dirty place

We were there from 08/31/13 to 09/07/13 Room 208
This is our experience at that place, we had to check in sat-31 at 4pm but got to Daytona Friday so I figured, go to the place do the paper work and comeback sat at 4 and to get the keys and go to the room, I did not know I need it presidential clearance to do this.
Hello I'm David we spoke over the phone,
Lady= Oh yea!, like I said, you not getting the keys for the room today,
I know, all I want to do is the paper work.
Lady= do you have an ID on you?
I tried to be a little friendly,, big mistake!!! huge!!.. so I said Not on Me but in wallet,, yes!
Lady= Oh a comedian Ah! No, just trying to be friendly. So when she noticed my name was different from the owners time share she said so who is such and such? I said that's my sister and her husband they gave me this as gift certificate, so she said, Ohg! and continued there is no smoking in the room. if we smell smoke when you leave you have to pay 250.00 dollars. because the way she said it, very nasty I figured now I'll continue with my jokes; so I said; Oh no, I don't smoke cigarettes, just the ones that make wonder. Lady= ahg! very funny not a smile on her face. read this & this & this sign here & here & here, initial here & here she told about the Turtles laying eggs and babies season on the beach that if you touch them is a 250.00 dollars fine for each, so I said: Oh men!!! there goes my chance for a nice Turtle soup. Lady= Oh,, that would be a very expensive soup she said not as a joke, but nasty. Then I asked some information about the room. like any one when you come to a hotel; does the room have a view to the ocean? Lady= Well you see yours is 208 which is the third from the office on the second floor the balcony faces the parking lot, but if you lean over and turn your head to the left then you'll see the ocean in the horizon and she was right I almost felt from the balcony looking for the ocean. Lady= also there is parking only for one car. Finally We left and came sat my family who live in Orlando came with us so they notice the two cars replied again about only one car police and I said yes you told me don't worry they not staying, please just show me my spot so we unload the things and we'll be gone, and again she said you can't stay not even a minute she was like pushing us out so we go to the room men!! first in front of our door there are 2 metal columns with a piece of wood hold in the ceiling when we open that door smelled like football team locker room No correct that like chicken farm with no air-conditioned and 190 degrees Monday while we where out I call the office and asked when do they change linen again big mistake!! Lady= Oh no we don't change sheets or towels or clean the room after you leave; why do you want to change the sheets? anyway, up to this point I did not realize there was a instruction sheet in the room and they forgot to mention, after reading the sheet I found how to exchange the sheets and towels which was the only good experience we had, the lady from the laundry room was very nice lady very friendly and polite and I said to her she should be working at the front desk. the staff people when you encounter them in the hallways they don't move out the way you have to move out of their way the morning when we checked out I went to get a push cart for the luggage; right out side the elevator doors there were about 10 staff people with their service carts seating around talking and some seating and smoking I had to move around them in order to get to the elevators because they would not move and finally also they had a big plastic bag with the new sheets and towels in front of the door between the two metal columns like if they trying to tell you is time to leave, like I said very unfriendly and nasty people I would not recommend this place not even to my worse enemy!!!!!
I forgot to mention this place the whole week we stayed was half empty and had the vacancy lights every day and night why this lady would not let my family in the parking for two minutes. People stay away from this place you will find much better and luxury hotels for much less money.

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Seven Seas Contact Information

Seven Seas

Address of Seven Seas
2433 South Atlantic Avenue,
Daytona Beach, Florida
USA, 32118
Phone of Seven Seas
(386) 257-1180
Toll-free phone of Seven Seas
(866) 309-3099
Website of Seven Seas
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