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Bad Information

My wife and I had checked out this RV resort for over a year with the intenetion of moving down to Leesburg and enjoying retired life. We had checked out all the info, pricing and amentities. Explained several times both in person and on the phone that we wanted a years lease and asked about site availability and other info. We really liked what the Resort offered. The week before we were to arrive, we called again to tell them we would be down the following week and asked a few more questions. The women said what make our MH was and we told her a 32' Fleetwood Bounder. She said what year was the unit, I told her a 2000, she remarked that it wasn't exceptable because it was older then 10 years. No where in the any of the handouts or pricing sheet did it tell you your unit had to be 2002 or better. We of course were very disappointed and just want to tell everyone to watch out when speaking to the personnel in the office because they are not up front with you concerning the parks regulations.

Concerned Senior

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Holiday Travel Resort

Address of Holiday Travel Resort
28229 County Road 33,
Leesburg, Florida
USA, 34748
Phone of Holiday Travel Resort
(352) 787-5151

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